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Capture & Relocation

Rescue No 121113

12 November 2013

Rescue of a 35kg female Eastern Grey Kangaroo with a foot injury from a residential backyard in Jerrabomberra NSW.


Operational Method

Rescue No 121113 01An initial site assessment was made prior to the chemical capture of the injured 35kg target animal.

A safety briefing was provided to the receiving onsite wildlife carer in addition to the residents of the property as to the plan to safely capture the target animal, and render the property safe while the tranquilliser capture was to occur.

The appropriate dosage rate of sedation was calculated for a 35kg female EGK, drawn and loaded into the 2ml pneu-dart projectile ready for application.

The target was acquired from a safe acquisition point within the gardened area of the yard paying careful attention to obstacles and potential deflecting hazards of branches from trees and bushes in order to provide a safe and clear target acquisition of 16 meters.  Distance was calculated as to provide the appropriate velocity to the projectile/ target animal as to alleviate any impact injury during the dart delivery.  The oblique target animal was successfully sedated and supine within 3.5 minutes, and ready for recovery and transportation prep.


Rescue No 121113 02Treatment & Rehabilitation

During the preparation for transport phase, the target animal was assessed thoroughly for the foot injury that required further Veterinary intervention.  The female EGK was provided Veterinarian care, and was released to the custodial carer who monitored the recovery of the kangaroo, in addition to providing required follow up antibiotics for the course of her rehabilitation.


Outcome & Monitoring

After successfully capturing and immobilising the EGK for transport and subsequent treatment, the female EGK underwent a period of monitored rehabilitation and subsequent full recovery.   The 35kg female “Lucy” was released from the care of the rehabilitation enclosure and has joined a local troop where to this very day is spotted regularly and is alive and well and in perfect health.