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  • Emergency Animal Rescue Ukraine


    Emergency Animal Rescue Ukraine

  • Tranquiliser remote capture and relocation specialists

    Tranquiliser  remote  capture  and  relocation  specialists

  • Siberian Husky rescue and rehoming

    Siberian  Husky  rescue  and  rehoming

  • Natural disaster emergency rescue

    Natural  disaster  emergency  rescue

  • Animal rescue – rehabilitation - rehoming

    Animal  rescue  –  rehabilitation  –  rehoming

  • Wildlife rescue

    Natural Disaster Wldlife rescue

  • Domestic animal and wildlife rescue

    Domestic  animal  and  wildlife  rescue

  • Chemical immobilisation and translocation specialists

    Tranquiliser  firearms  safety  course  instructor

  • Wildlife capture and rehabilitation

    Wildlife  capture  and  rehabilitation


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0457 SOS SOS

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War Zone Animal Rescue - Ukraine


Charity Director, Marcus Fillinger, will embark on a second deployment to Ukraine to provide specialist remote capture animal rescue assistance in some of the hardest hit regions in Ukraine Read more


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