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Established in 2003, the Alphadog AnimalArmy charity is located near Canberra and carries out professional and specialised animal management and rescue services.  More than 600 domestic animals and native wildlife are rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed or released each year.

Today, Alphadog AnimalArmy offers a home to a myriad of rescued domestic animals and wildlife.

Charity director Marcus Fillinger, an advertising photographer, active reserve Royal Australian Air Force photographer and military marksman, established the charity on a 200-acre property upon return from his world first North Pole Solo Ice Dive Expedition. 

Having driven dogs on polar expeditions in the Canadian and Norwegian Arctic, Marcus grew an affinity for Siberian Huskies and felt compelled to create a forever working home for huskies that have been abandoned, surrendered or who are on death Marcus Huskiesrow at animal shelters around Australia.  Today he provides a home to more than 30 rescued huskies, some of whom are adoptable and looking for a forever home.

As a chemical immoblisation and transquiliser firearms course instructor, Marcus is Australia's leading expert in specialised chemical immobilisation, remote capture and injectable darting.  Applying his military marksman skills and experience, he and his volunteer staff take an ethical approach and maintain a 100% success rate in the chemical immobilisation rescue of hundreds of native Australian kangaroos who have either been injured or are displaced as a result of reduced habitat and insufficient or non-existent wildlife corridors.

Alphadog AnimalArmy offers ethical, affordable and sustainable alternatives to costly and brutal culling programs that occur around Australia.  With non-lethal wildlife population management approaches such as fertility control and translocation being utilitsed around the world, Alphadog AnimalArmy is Australia's leader in providing specialised and affordable services to private and commercial landholders for the ethical management of wildlife populations.

Every dollar donated to Alphadog AnimalArmy will directly help an animal in need.  To donate, please click here