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Polar Expedition to raise awareness and funds for Kangaroos

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Charity Director, Marcus Fillinger, will embark on a world first two-part ice dive expedition series of the world’s water-based poles; the Geographic North Pole in April 2015, and the Magnetic North Pole in March 2016.


May 2014 Newsletter

After months of submissions and tireless work by the Alphadog AnimalArmy team, the ACT TAMS Minister recently informed us and the wider community that the ACT government now wishes to pursue fertility control as a preferred method of non-lethal management for Eastern Grey Kangaroo populations.  Non-lethal solutions are the future of wildlife management, and we applaud the government for taking this step.



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We need your help to fund this life-saving initiative that will set a precedence and prove there is an intelligent way to manage Australia's iconic Kangaroos for now and into the future.  Click here to read more!

Newsletter December 2013

Bert's looking for a forever home...


Free Wildlife Relocation Service Trial Offered to ACT Government

Following a slate of public safety near misses in the handling of displaced kangaroos by Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) rangers, Alphadog AnimalArmy Inc. (ADAA) has today offered the TAMS Minister a free trial of its professional rescue and relocation services. 


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