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May 2014 Newsletter

After months of submissions and tireless work by the Alphadog AnimalArmy team, the ACT TAMS Minister recently informed us and the wider community that the ACT government now wishes to pursue fertility control as a preferred method of non-lethal management for Eastern Grey Kangaroo populations.  Non-lethal solutions are the future of wildlife management, and we applaud the government for taking this step.


Off-the-shelf fertility drugs are available and proven both ethical and Contracep. Articleeffective in their application to free-roaming kangaroos.  The Minister requested that Alphadog AnimalArmy Inc. provide him with a specialist project plan, which we subsequently delivered and presented to him on Tuesday evening this week.  The plan offers the government an immediately implementable fertility control program that will be delivered at one fifth of the cost of its current killing program and, if properly implemented, will be successful in eliminating culling altogether.

While the Alphadog AnimalArmy team has again presented the Minister with strong evidence to demonstrate the government must undertake independent assessment of ACT kangaroo density models, and analysis of current population figures prior to continuing with further culling or implementing a fertility control program.

MF w JoeyFertility control programs allow for a range of measurable monitoring outcomes through use of microchips (less cumbersome than ear tags or collars).  Data can be collected and analysed to enable accurate population counts through remote monitoring and e-gate technology.  The data can also be used for the planning and implementation of effective and well-placed wildlife corridors.

ACT government documents show that fertility control has been available and proven effective on Eastern Grey Kangaroos for over 10 years.  The drugs used are shown not to impact on kangaroo behaviour, social dynamics or interactions.  An adult female kangaroo who has an in-pouch or at-foot joey can be administered fertility control with no impact on lactation or ability to care for and rear her young.  Fertility control is effective for 3 or more years and is NOT sterilisation.  During times of hardship, kangaroos need not be re-administered with fertility control drugs, allowing their populations to remain stable. 

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Polar Expedition
15 Below: The Kangaroo Objective 

HuskiesMarcus is embarking on a 2-part North Pole Expedition series in March 2015 and 2016, accompanied by under ice free dive World Champion Christian Redl of Austria and funded by Christian's sponsors, together they will bring a global awareness to Australia's negligent mismanagement of native wildlife and in particular the ACT Government's annual kangaroo cull.

With ever-diminishing habitats, every individual, business and Government has the responsibility to play their part in ensuring these animals have a suitable habitat in which to live.

Polar AricleAfter the expedition, Marcus will be undertaking a 42km North Pole marathon.  His participation in the marathon has been donated by long-time friend and first man to run both North and South Poles, Richard Donovan.  Marcus is seeking individuals and businesses interested in sponsoring his run.  If he is able to attract $1000 per kilometre, it will equate to the rescue of up to 775 kangaroos.

For information on how you or your organisation can sponsor Marcus' marathon run for the 'roos, please contact him directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Coming Soon...

Chemical Immobilisation/ Tranquilliser Firearms Courses

Howard  MF

Featuring leading wildlife, Veterinarian Dr Howard Ralph

Alphadog AnimalArmy Inc. will commence Chemical Immobilisation/ Tranquilliser Firearms courses for wildlife carers.

This comprehensive 3-day course will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to undertake remote projectile deliver for wildlife capture, accurately calculate appropriate dosage rates and understand the fundamentals of accurate and safe tranquilliser firearm handling.

One day will be entirely dedicated to a specialist course in animal sedation and medications, run by Australia's leading wildlife Veterinarian, Dr Howard Ralph.

The first course date will be determined in coming weeks.  If you would like to be contacted directly once we start taking enrolments, please email your name and contact details to course instructor and charity Director Marcus Fillinger - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .










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