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Capture & Relocation

Rescue No 210113

21 January 2013

The chemical immobilisation rescue of a 75kg male EGK that has sustained various injuries following a dog attack.


Rescue No 210113 01Operational Method

After an initial site assessment of the target animal, and a safety briefing given to the onsite Wildlife carer as well as the residential occupants of the property at Bungendore, the appropriate dosage rate of sedation was calculated for a 75kg male EGK, drawn and loaded into the pneu-dart projectile ready for application.

The target was acquired from a safe and obstacle-free acquisition point, and distance was calculated as to provide the appropriate velocity to the projectile/ target animal so as to alleviate any impact injury during the dart delivery.  The oblique target animal was successfully sedated and supine within 4 minutes, and ready for recovery and transportation prep.


Rescue No 210113 02Treatment & Rehabilitation

During the preparation for transport phase, the target animal was assessed for his injuries to make the initial onsite assessment as to ascertain the extent of the injuries in addition to what course of treatment needed to be applied and sought.  The initial assessment determined the large male required further Veterinary intervention.  The wound on the tail was preliminarily dressed and prepared for transportation for further Veterinarian intervention.

The main tail injury received the required Veterinary treatment, and was prepared for the return journey back on site to the property. The large male was safely returned back to his initial site of capture on the Bungendore property, where he was allowed to recovery safely from sedation under close monitoring.  By morning the large male was fully recovered from sedation and grazing normally.


Outcome & Monitoring

After successful treatment for the dog bite injuries inflicted to the tail, the large male required a follow up course of antibiotics via remote delivery.  The tail wound that was previously dressed was successfully in the proliferation phase of healing and was checked every day for its progress.  To this very day, the large 75kg male EGK resides on the property and surrounding area where he is still alive and well.

Rescue No 210113 03